Rare Genetic Disorder – Working Session – Hack4RARE (Online)

MoCo Makers, Captial Area BioSpace, and Rockville Science Center have partnered to put a team together for the 2021 Hack4RARE event – targeting rare genetic conditions. We are exploring a type of tumor – Desmoid Tumors.

Hack4Rare is put on by MIT Hacking Medicine and the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

At this specific event we will be working through medical case involving Desmoid Tumors. As a working session, we will not have a set agenda, rather we will meet as a group and make progress towards an issue:
– Research
– Networking
– Drafting documents

Feel free to drop in and out any time during our working-session window.

Learn more about the competition here:

Hack4Rare also has a Slack channel you can join here:


Contact Matt at matt@mocomakers.com to get on our private Slack channel.

Video call link: https://meet.jit.si/hack4rare-desmoid