Kickstarter Launch Party!!! Fipsy FPGA – Learn about FPGAs

Join us for a Kickstarter Launch Party!

Our community has worked hard, and our manufacturing partner, Allied Components has been amazing!

With the upfront work for the Kickstarter in the rear-view mirror, let’s celebrate how we:
1. Identified a need we had, and realized other makerspaces shared this need
2. Brainstormed product scope and potential applications
3. Researched the technology, design, and manufacturing process
4. Had a miracle come through with Allied Component Works offering to design the module – they are the custom module experts!
5. Prepared our marketing, website, and training materials

So here’s the deal, MoCo Makers is releasing a cheap development board to learn what FPGAs – Field Programmable Gate Array technology can do. Briefly, FGPAs allow you to design hardware to do what software normally does – which can allow for huge speed increases and massive parallelism, or just a simple custom behavior.

Get started by looking at our product page:

Most importantly, sign up to the e-mail list on that page.

To start learning, notice that we now have a Learning Annex:

The wiki on that page is useful.

About this event:
-Light Refreshments will be served.
– Various fun interactive exhibits will be set up
– An introduction to FGPA technology will be given
– One visitor will win a Free FGPA!
-After the event we will go to Gordon Biersch to continue the party (9PM)

Gordon Biersch –
(We will walk there from the Rockville Library)

More about our manufacturer, Allied Component Works –

When you need custom electric systems design and manufacturing done at a high quality, with a rigorous eye. They have worked on everything from GPS, power systems, embedded modules, lots of Mil Spec projects, and now our Fipsy FGPA!

Reach out to Mark Shaw to discuss any electronic design and manufacturing needs. He is super helpful, and is the region’s leading expert at custom module design. Allied Component Works helps Systems Designers, Engineers, Technical Managers, and those in tech industries.

Perhaps you need to build components into your product lines, produce high-end products, or develop something novel. In any case, reach out to Mark:
(301) 366-0142

I look forward to seeing you all at our Kickstarter Launch Party! Bring your friends and family. Tell everybody about our project, particularly – media, bloggers, professors, engineers, and other makers!