Introduction to Networking – Layered Protocols – Talk and Open Lab

Community member Jennifer Walker will be giving an introduction to IP networking.

This will be a great opportunity to learn about the magic that happens behind the scenes each time you press ‘Enter’ on a URL.

We will attempt to cover:
Concepts of layer protocol models
* Why multiple protocols are used
* Comparing OSI and TCP/IP models and why we use both

How an IP packet is built using HTTP as an example
* Basics of HTTP protocol: how your web browser and web server talk to each other
* Basics of TCP protocol: purpose of port address and how they are assign
* Basics of IP protocol: IP addressing, fragmenting, how routing works
* Basics of Ethernet: MAC address, MTU, and why both IP and MAC addresses are used
* How the packet is processed by switches, routers, firewalls, and end host

As you can see this will be an amazing opportunity to boost the IQ of your noodle. So, in case any packets have dropped this far in the communication, YOU ARE INVITED. Come out and see us!

Free Parking – by the M&T Bank Sign

Labeled as “11 N Washington St” on

It’s really more like 4 E Montgomery Ave, Rockville, MD 20850
As seen here:

This parking lot is free after 6PM and is 6 minutes from the library. The entrance to the parking lot is next to a green M&T Bank sign. For those coming from DC, we are only 8 minutes from the Rockville Metro Station.