Deep Learning – Tensorflow and neural networks – Talk and Open Lab

Ali Talib will be exploring Tensorflow paired with Keras, a powerful library for deep learning and neural networks.

Note at this event:
-There will be a practical program demo
-Participants are asked to bring cat and dog pictures
-We will add transfer learning examples to to talk

This will be a technical talk, and a basic understanding of neural networks will be assumed. More info:

This talk will focus on the impacts of Deep Learning, an overview of key concepts, and a preview of technical concepts that people can research on their own. We will attempt to cover Convoluted Neural Networks, and we will try to set up a preface for Tensorflow and Keras. This will likely be a multi-part talk, so don’t miss out on the foundation. Please come on-time as we will start promtly!

Take a look at what Ali discussed previously, and get a guide on installing the needed software here:

Free Parking – by the M&T Bank Sign

Labeled as “11 N Washington St” on

It’s really more like 4 E Montgomery Ave, Rockville, MD 20850
As seen here:

This parking lot is free after 6PM and is 6 minutes from the library. The entrance to the parking lot is next to a green M&T Bank sign. For those coming from DC, we are only 8 minutes from the Rockville Metro Station.