Green Energy and Environmentalist Topics – Mini-Maker Topic

Open-table discussion on the current state of Green Energy, and Ecological issues. We can discuss what trends are working, what trends are emerging, and what needs to change.

Topics to explore include:
– ecological crowdfunding
– social media and environmentalism
– technological innovations
– community consortium power generation
– local community initiatives

MoCo Makers is recruiting environmentally conscious people to participate in Ecological Awareness – – a digital marketing agency for Eco causes. No experience is necessary.

Meet online at:

The Mini-Maker Topic series, are brief introductions to a variety of DIY topics. Lasting generally less than an hour, these provide enough details to actionable get started in a topic area, without being exhaustive training.

Each maker event will be 30 minutes of 1 hour of technical discussion, followed by social time after the topic. Join us if you are interested in technology, entrepreneurship, self-development, or project development. We have weekly topics each Friday.

Upcoming Topics include:
– Cozy Curvy – A Crowdfunding Page Breakdown
– Automated Birdhouse Monitoring
– Our Prototype Enclosure – Learning Event with the Fluffy NAS project
– GPS and Satellite Data Modules for DIY Projects