Project Structures for Code – Pro Development – Mini-Maker Topic

There is a missing ingredient professional developers learn that isn’t taught well when you are learning about coding. Many places will teach the syntax of a programming language, but when you look at projects on GitHub, there are way more files then you expect, and convoluted file structures. It can be overwhelming to developers.

What’s not said, is that most modern projects follow conventional project structures that have a lot of setup code, and configuration information – long before ever getting to the root source code of an application.

At this talk we will describe repeated structures in professional development environments – why GitHub repositories are so bloated, and common package managers including Composer, pip, NPM, and others.

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The Mini-Maker Topic series, are brief introductions to a variety of DIY topics. Lasting generally less than an hour, these provide enough to get started in a topic area, without being exhaustive training.

Each maker event will be 30 minutes to 1 hour of technical discussion, followed by social time after the topic. Join us if you are interested in technology, entrepreneurship, self-development, or project development. We have weekly topics each Friday.

Upcoming Topics include:
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