Filming our Kickstarter Video – Live Filming and Video Training

We will be filming a Kickstarter appeal video for our community-developed FPGA Break out board.

Learn about the FPGA breakout board here:

An FPGA allows you to design digital logic circuits inside a microchip. Generally, anything you can do in software, you can do with an FPGA, but faster. At this event we will spend time working on: a filming guide, basic script, staging the filming area, and as many takes of filming as time allows.

Come to this event if you intend to learn about:
-Our Kickstarter
-How to make videos for Kickstarter
-Basic filming, lighting, and staging tips for making DIY videos

Notice, that this event starts at 4PM, not our usual start time. That’s because filming and set up take a LOT of time. If you can’t make it at 4PM, no problem. Come by when you can.

Hope to see you there!