Cozy Curvy – A Crowdfunding Page Breakdown – Mini-Maker Topic

We will showcase the current version of our crowdfunding page, and request community feedback. Help us craft better messaging, and broaden our appeal. The Cozy Curvy is a community supported project, for MoCo Maker member Tim Murphy. It is a patent pending memory foam pillow, with support that allows for more ideal back and side sleeping through a novel re-design of a pillow’s form.

This talk will help guide us as we prepare to launch our crowdfunding efforts, and is a good learning opportunity for anybody interested in entrepreneurship or crowdfunding.

Meet online at:

The Mini-Maker Topic series, are brief introductions to a variety of DIY topics. Lasting generally less than an hour, these provide enough details to actionable get started in a topic area, without being exhaustive training.

Each maker event will be 30 minutes of 1 hour of technical discussion, followed by social time after the topic. Join us if you are interested in technology, entrepreneurship, self-development, or project development. We have weekly topics each Friday.

Upcoming Topics include:
– Automated Birdhouse Monitoring
– Our Prototype Enclosure – Learning Event with the Fluffy NAS project
– GPS and Satellite Data Modules for DIY Projects