Raspberry Pi Project Demo Night – Group Share & Open Lab

This is an evening to bring in the projects you are working on for the Raspberry Pi and show others. If you don’t have a project to show, then it will be an opportunity to learn and get inspiration from what others are doing.
Please bring in your Raspberry Pi projects, concepts, or stories and we’ll have a good time together, possibly answering questions or working towards next-steps.
For part of the talk we will be recording an ‘explanation’ video on computer vision using the Raspberry Pi so we can share it with another group. We will be sending that video to be shown at the Raspberry Jam at West Virginia State University (Raspberry Jam @ WVSU), which will be on March 3rd.
Brett White, organizer of the Raspberry Jam @ WVSU, is looking for other people to participate in this Jam (a Raspberry Jam is a big event showcasing projects, people, and developments in the Raspberry Pi world). Please contact Brett White at bwhite26@wvstateu.edu to get details on the Raspberry Jam @WVSU, or if you want to participate!
Look forward to seeing you!

• What to bring
Raspberry Pi projects, or an open-mind