Dive into Deep Learning – Neural Networks Introduction – Talk & Open Lab

One of our members – Ali Talib will be introducing concepts in Deep Learning!

This talk assumes little to no prior knowledge, but come rested as it’s still a technical talk.

Neural Networking is hyped as a big thing, and it probably is. Why? Because it’s a versatile training algorithm that is decently agnostic on what it’s applied to. Want better french fry cooks, we can probably train that. Want to watch for certain triggers in the market, you can train for that. Want more beautiful art, you can train for that… at least a few projects have proposed to capture the notion of beauty in a neural network (thankfully true beauty is still open to human interpretation, for now).

This talk will focus on the impacts of Deep Learning, an overview of key concepts, and a preview of technical concepts that people can research on their own. We will attempt to cover Convoluted Neural Networks, and we will try to set up a preface for Tensorflow and Keras. This will likely be a multi-part talk, so don’t miss out on the foundation. Please come on-time as we will start promtly!

Free Parking – by the M&T Bank Sign

Labeled as “11 N Washington St” on http://rockvilleparking.com/

It’s really more like 4 E Montgomery Ave, Rockville, MD 20850
As seen here:

This parking lot is free after 6PM and is 6 minutes from the library. The entrance to the parking lot is next to a green M&T Bank sign. For those coming from DC, we are only 8 minutes from the Rockville Metro Station.