Introduction to Version Control Pt. 2 – git – Talk and Open Lab

This is a continuation of our prior meetup’s discussion on how to use git version control. We will be going back over some the concepts from our prior meetup and introducing more advanced topics that build on those concepts. We will learn how to go backwards and forward in time, managing timelines for branches, rebasing, merging and much more.

Version control is a way of tracking changes in files (usually code or text documents, but it can be anything), such that one can see where changes came from, go back to previous states, and often collaborate on making changes to one code base.

Also curious about Github? We will also be continuing or discussion of how to leverage this powerful tool to collaborate on software.

Bringing a computer/laptop is strongly encouraged!

Why come?
Use – the right way
Never loose your code again – ever
In fact, never lose anything digital again
In fact, collaborate on anything in a secure and distributive way
In fact, be distributive, but never lose control of anything that’s important to your business operations.

Get caught up on what this whole open-source scene really looks like, and learn about this genius ways anything can be version controlled, collaboratively developed, and subsequently integrated.

git er’ done!