GPS for DIY Projects

In this lecture we will learn how to grab a variety of sensor data from an old Android phone, including GPS. The concepts in this talk will be relevant, even if you are interested in a stand-alone GPS module, like this one:

Using GPS in your project will allow you to do location approximation, to a degree of certainty. This could be useful if you are taking your robotic K9 for a walk:

That would be an automated walk, with a pre-mapped route and location tracking by mobile app of course (how convenient).

Come out, and find one of the cheapest ways to get good GPS sensor data, and repurpose an old phone (cracked screen and all).


MoCo Makers is now meeting as a group under the Rockville Science Center!

Our meeting day/time has also changed to Thursday evenings!

The RSC has a number of groups that meet out of the Rockville Library – Studio i Makerspace. Some benefits of coming under the RSC, include access to light manufacture equipment, a large event space, and MANY cross-pollination opportunities – everything from space balloons, and radio, to robotics, crochet, and 3D printing.

We can expect an uptick in the diversity of events going on.

The MoCo Makers group under the RSC is a diverse community of people interested in the DIY spirit, as well as personal and material development.

Come out to learn how to participate, how to get your ideas made, and how to find help for your projects!

Join a culture of collaboration.  We meet weekly on most Thursday nights. All are welcome to hack/build, network, and collaborate at these events. No experience is necessary/nor assumed.

Among other things, our topics include:

• Internet of Things (IoT)

• Automation

• 3D Printing or Micro-production

• Robots

• Microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc..

• Big Data and Sensors

• Computer Science

• Technology Entrepreneurship

Learn a new skill, get help, and offer help.

If you are working on a project then bring your own equipment and supplies.

We accept donations of: soldering stations, 3D printers, microcontrollers/programmers, motors, parts, and other tools.