Introduction to Python Coding – Pi Jam Prep – Talk and Open Lab

An upcoming Raspberry Pi Jam (read tech conference on Raspberry Pi and DIY electronics), is to be put on by Coder Dojo DC, based in Rockville. The MoCo Makers and Pi Masters groups are participating partners. This event promises to be even larger than Arduino Day was, and is a true show of force for the local tech scene.

The event is:

Saturday, July 15th
1PM – 5PM

Red Brick Courthouse
29 Courthouse Square
Rockville, MD 20850

Details here:

Tickets here:

Note that we are looking for exhibitors! Please sign up as one on the website above, or contact a group organizer.

To kick off gearing up for this event, we are going to be tackling Raspberry Pi topics and projects to prep for this event, starting with introduction to Python programming.

Our talks will lead up to a functioning cluster of Raspberry Pi’s, using Apache Spark, as well as breakout projects from our members.

At this talk get an introduction to code control structures, basic language syntax, the Python interpreter, object oriented programming, and important data types.

For those who are already familiar with Python, you can come and help finish up the user interface design for the Turn Table project.
For the latest update on the turn table project, see this video:

Thanks to Tim for doing the video and the gear alignment (we all look forward to the release of his precision and performance page turning device, the AcuTabs kickstarter). Also a big thanks to the whole MoCo Makers community for assisting on this enjoyable group project. As a group, our capacities for innovation and production continue to increase.

Find us at this location:

Red Brick Courthouse
29 Courthouse Square
Rockville, MD 20850

We are on the second floor (take the elevator).

From the main entrance, go to the end of the hall. Take the elevator on the left. We will be on the second floor.  Note, use only the elevator, and not the stairs which have alarms.

This is walking distance from downtown Rockville, and only 6 minutes walking from the Rockville Metro Station!!

Parking is abundant around the area, and you should find a lot or garage that is free after-hours using this website:

If you’re willing to pay $4 for close-in parking, go to the garage diagonally opposite the Red Brick Courthouse, with the entrance on Maryland Avenue.

Our members had success parking for free at the lot –
11 N Washington St.
Rockville, MD

This lot is on the same street as the main entrance to the Red Brick Court House. This garage has tight turns in it. It is the alley immediately behind the green M&T Bank sign and before the main intersection as shown here: 

Here is a useful map for finding this garage –

A thank you goes to:
Montgomery County’s Innovation Program

for providing space access.

We look forward to seeing you at this event. If you need help finding the room, please call 301-944-2862.

Upcoming meetings include:

Introduction to drones – fly for entertainment, or for science!

After this, maybe we should build a 3D printed drone?

• Facial recognition based locks – keys are overrated

• Swarm robots – the sum is greater than the parts! How far can we push simple robots to do complex things?

• Youth-focused maker events – children are more empowered than ever. They can teach us a thing or two.

Come out to learn how to participate, how to get your ideas made, and how to find help for your projects! We have experts in 3D printing, electronics, design, and more. We are a diverse crew of people, with interesting experiences and passions.

Be part of the movement. Come out and help your local MakerSpace.

We help make prototypes! We take your idea to the next level. Join a culture of collaboration. As always, we have Open Lab, where you can tinker on your project.

Experience our weekly Friday night MakerSpace meetings. All are welcome to hack/build, network, and collaborate at these events.

Discover, learn, and work together on:

• Internet of Things (IoT)

• Automation

• 3D Printing or Micro-production

• Robots

• Microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc..

• Big Data and Sensors

• Computer Science

• Technology Entrepreneurship

Learn a new skill, get help, and offer help.

If you are working on a project then bring your own equipment and supplies.

We accept donations of: soldering stations, 3D printers, microcontrollers/programmers, motors, parts, and other tools.