Hack for RARE 2021 Webinar #2: Desmoid Tumor Patient Case

Event hosted in partnership with Captial Area BioSpace (CABS) and Rockville Science Center (RSC)

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Hackathon Tracks:
Track 1: Neurofibromatosis
Track 2: PTEN Hamartoma Tumor Syndrome
Track 3: RASopathies
Track 4: Desmoid Tumors Patient Case

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Analyze Medical Records and Sequencing Data from an Unresolved Patient Case.
In this meeting you will be presented with a challenging patient case for Desmoid Tumor. Since 2011, Vanessa has been on 9 drugs and/or treatments and has exhausted known clinical options for Desmoid Tumor. Despite genetic testing, her case never received molecular diagnosis for desmoid tumor. She is currently on Intravenous Doxil and undergoing more data generation.

This case is being presented in two parts. The first part (now) will being Vanessa’s Clinical data to researchers, to analyze and generate new insights and theories. The second part (Fall 2021) will bring Research data (sequencing and multi-omics) to the case.