Glove Sensors Controlling Video Games (and more) + FPGA – Project Dev & Open Lab

We are going to pair flex sensors with Emulation Station (on a Retro Pi), to be able to play video games with your fingers (all of them).

A flex sensor:

I believe we are also working with sensors at each finger tip, for even more fun. If anyone has an accelerometer module they can bring/donate for a few weeks, that would be cool.

Essentially we are creating something like this:

To control something like this:

Because we are presenting this project here:

We have a booth and 4 exhibitor badges for this event. Two badges are claimed, and two more remain up for grabs, with preference to those who contribute to this project! 

The event is Escape Velocity –

Put on by our friends at the Museum of Science Fiction –

We will try to take pictures of our work in progress, so we can share it with the Museum, and they will promote us.

Time permitting we will start another FPGA project, perhaps a MIDI Merger, or an I2C expander.