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This page introduces the IoT Encryption chip.

This page lists relevant resources/external links. ECC508 External Resources

Some high-level description of this chips value:

Good preface is in this article:

Configuration details are explored in this two part video:

Other resources that may be helpful:

A solid Raspberry Pi example? –


WIP – Arduino Programmer for the ECC508, modified from Arduino Library:

Frank’s GitHub

Possible Names:

  • Encrypty508
  • Prynot 508
  • Privy Chip
  • IoT Hidey
  • Hidey 508
  • Crypt Chip
  • Crypt Chip 508
  • ECC Enigma
  • Crypster
  • \

Config area of the ECC508A – Labels

Demo blank ECC508A config area values


Notes on steps:

git clone
cd ./cryptoauthlib/lib
cmake -D "ATCA_HAL_I2C=ON" -D "ATCA_PRINTF" ./