Solar Competition Team Formation – Quick Starter Session

Fellow Makers, let’s revolutionize solar energy harvesting!

With the impetus of a $3 Million dollar prize pool, let’s enter a Solar Technology competition:

As is life, we only found out about this competition recently, and the critical entry deadline is THIS Friday! That means we are putting together key team members, and filming a pitch video at this event.

This is a short 1 hour event, mostly to introduce the project, and film a pitch video. It will precede our normally nightly event at 7PM on the topic of: DIY Reflow Ovens – Soldering Circuit Boards at Home:

At this event I will be disclosing details of a private solar invention, and you will need to sign an Nondisclosure Agreement. I will have copies of this NDA printed and ready to be signed at the event. Please review the text of this document here, and please participate ONLY if you comfortable signing the NDA:

All prize monies, should there be any, will go directly to building our solar technology into a viable business. If the environment, or renewable energy is your calling, feel free to check out this event.