Reverse Engineering – An Applied Group Task & Open Lab

We need a stable electronic lift! We HAVE ONE! We think… okay so it’s a random component we pulled from the scrap pile, but we can make it better, faster, stronger. Okay that’s wrong too, but we *hopefully* can make it functional again. We plan on using it as a raise-able bed in the community laser cutter.

Right now it’s a dead piece of electronics, with no manual. If we are lucky we can change that. Let’s investigate.

Please come to this meeting with a willingness to research and test. Laptops are strongly recommended.

Additionally, if anyone has something similar to a bench-top power supply they can bring (where we can adjust voltage and current), that would be really helpful. *Update, thanks Matt Liberty from for offering to bring a bench-top power supply 🙂 *

This will be an opportunity to practice researching unknown electronics, a common skill used in the wild.

Bring your best ninja weapons, and lets “Make” something happen!