Raspberry Pi Cluster Computing – Pi Jam Prep – Open Lab

Cluster computing allows massively parallel processing. Sometimes this mean enormous productivity gains, but not always. This will be a build event, to prepare for presenting an exhibit on this at the upcoming Raspberry Pi Jam.

A Raspberry Pi cluster is called a Bramble.

Computing clusters can be tailored to a number of practical purposes. A common one these days is “Big Data” which often means applying search and learning algorithms to large data sets collected from users, the internet, sensors, and more. Clusters are commonly used for modeling and simulations. One area I’m particularly interested in is leveraging clusters in conjunction with machine learning algorithms. Can we get a clustered machine to learn complex things from streaming video data on the fly?

Raspberry Pi’s are cheap, per unit, and can do some hefty number crunching. So there is a low cost per processor that makes this a good DIY project.

We will make plans for our cluster including which software versions to go with. Right now I am considering Apache Spark http://spark.apache.org/

Come out to learn more about how computers talk to each other, and how to make the most out of cheap computers on a chip.

Upcoming meetings include:

Introduction to drones – fly for entertainment, or for science!

After this, maybe we should build a 3D printed drone?

• Swarm robots – the sum is greater than the parts! How far can we push simple robots to do complex things?

• Youth-focused maker events – children are more empowered than ever. They can teach us a thing or two.

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Experience our weekly Friday night MakerSpace meetings. All are welcome to hack/build, network, and collaborate at these events.

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