Patient-Specific Medical Devices and Procedures – Research Talk – Webinar

Fellow Makers, please join us for a very important talk with a guest speaker Star Kim, a PhD Candidate at JHU. Star will take us through her dissertation work on optimizing a medical procedure using 3D modeling, hemodynamics, virtual reality, and patient-specific procedures.

Join us for a dive into what medicine is becoming in the next 10-15 years, starting with cutting-edge research going on now. For you Med-all-stars out there, this is about the Fontan procedure – however it has applications for all kinds of personalized surgeries. Don’t get scared by the lingo. This talk is for all skill-levels.

Some of the cool things we will be sure to bring up during this talk include:
– Optimizing the form of surgical implants
– Hemodynamic models and multi-year considerations for medical devices and procedures
– The re-engineering of vascular tissue from bio-degradable grafts
– The use of 3D models, virtual/augmented reality in medical procedures
– Personalized medicine, and working towards multi-year performance predictions/modeling

I hope you all appreciate how cool and diverse this talk will be. Come out for a fun dive into some great research, from a highly intelligent and innovative researcher.

Join us at: