Maker Tech and COVID-19 (Webinar)

Part of the point of the Maker Movement, is to empower people to build things on their own. This includes everything from DIY medical sensors, to automated greenhouses. Let’s discuss what modern Maker tech can be used to address issues related to Covid-19.

This will be a community discussion to share how DIY and Maker style inventions and techniques can be applied to modern needs.

Please be prepared to present an example of something someone is making that is DIY to help during COVID-19. Please limit yourself to only sharing ideas with documented manufacturing techniques or guides. This could be a website, Instructables, YouTube video etc.. (Nothing that only GE-type labs are able to produce).

We will take turns sharing tech ideas and guides we have researched.
Please look for ideas that include: Face Masks, 3D Printed parts, etc.

We will be playing with fire, but online, so come join us: