Exploring IoT Encryption Chip ECC508 Configuration – Group Study & Open Lab

Securing Microcontrollers and IoT devices is not trivial. However the risks of everything being connected posses real world risk. Case in point – what about the casino that got hacked through a thermometer in a fish tank – https://wapo.st/2OtES7A

It’s prudent for us internet hardware tinkerers to consider how to secure IoT devices. Encryption plays a strong role in this, and will now be cheaper and more accessible.

MoCo Makers is doing it’s part to help this by pushing a breakout board for an IoT Encryption chip as our next community Kickstarter. Come participate in this project and learn! Some of the technical details are advanced, but that’s okay. We shall push forward regardless.

At this meeting we will explore the configuration space of the ECC508 chip – labeled as ATECC508A by Microchip. The configuration area is used to set up permissions for private keys and data that will be stored on the chip later. Watch out, for security reasons the configuration can only be locked once – but that’s okay. Our chip will be so cheap we will offer them in batches by default.

Technical background stuff:

This will be a technical talk that discuses bits, bytes, and hex. If that scares you, good me too. Come anyways.