Dive into Arduino Coding – Pointers on Pointers

Dive into coding for Arduino – a programming based on C/C++
We will discuss the concepts used in C, and what is special about Arduino.

We will do this by showcasing the Arduino programmer our community developed – used to program an FPGA over the SPI protocol:

We will describe how various functions are used, design considerations, how pointers are used, global variables and more.

This will be a good primer on C, but if you have never done it, reading an end-to-end tutorial on C would be quite valuable:

For those who wonder, well how does a computer work at a low level, consider that C is just a small amount above machine code, and so the original C language reference is an excellent read – as assembly code aligns closely with what C is doing, unlike higher level languages.

For those who want a preview of the code we will be showing, look at the .ino (Arduino) file here: https://github.com/MocoMakers/Arduino-Fipsy-Programmer

This talk well help prepare us for Arduino Day coming up on May 13th:
Arduino Day is a big festival celebrating Arduinos, held all over the world. We will have multiple exhibitors, and interactive demos set up.

Come out and get your code on!