Arduino Build-a-thon and Happy Hour – Final Push – Talk & Open Lab

Let’s finish up all our projects! Bring in the materials you need to finish, and we will help you with your project. We will be starting promptly at 7:30PM and will relocate for happy hour at 9:30PM.

Arduino Day is this Saturday, April 1st, and set up time is from

10AM-11AM at Rockville Library (second floor in the back)

Arduino Day 2017 will officially go from 11AM-3PM, so invite your family and colleagues to come!

We will meet up at 9:45PM at Miller’s Ale House in Rockville, for a celebration and happy hour:

1471 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

This event is a great event for people who have never used Arduino to see how it’s done. It is also a great project for people with Ardunio, programming, or electronics experience to contribute to a set of interactive exhibits!

Please enter from the rear entrance of the building!

We will be building:

A Kaleidoscope with Arduino and RGB LED strips

Initial project details can be found here: (

At the same time we are building a streaming camera dot-pixel display out of neo-pixels:×900/2547-00.mp4 (×900/2547-00.mp4)

Ideally, when you walk in front of the camera, you will see yourself in pixel form!

Bring your own Ardunio projects! Starter projects encouraged! We need to create as many Ardunio themed projects as possible, so that we can display them to the public on Saturday, April 1st.

Do you have a project, but it’s not Arduino? Bring it anyways, because we can still showcase other ‘maker-style’ and DIY projects!

Please enter from the rear entrance of the building!

Upcoming meetings include:

Introduction to drones – fly for entertainment, or for science!

After this, maybe we should build a 3D printed drone?

• Facial recognition based locks – keys are overrated

• Swarm robots – the sum is greater than the parts! How far can we push simple robots to do complex things?

• Youth-focused maker events – children are more empowered than ever. They can teach us a thing or two.

Come out to learn how to participate, how to get your ideas made, and how to find help for your projects! We have experts in 3D printing, electronics, design, and more. We are a diverse crew of people, with interesting experiences and passions.

Be part of the movement. Come out and help your local MakerSpace.

We help make prototypes! We take your idea to the next level. Join a culture of collaboration. As always, we have Open Lab, where you can tinker on your project.

Experience our weekly Friday night MakerSpace meetings. All are welcome to hack/build, network, and collaborate at these events.

Discover, learn, and work together on:

• Internet of Things (IoT)

• Automation

• 3D Printing or Micro-production

• Robots

• Microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc..

• Big Data and Sensors

• Computer Science

• Technology Entrepreneurship

Learn a new skill, get help, and offer help.

If you are working on a project then bring your own equipment and supplies.

We accept donations of: soldering stations, 3D printers, microcontrollers/programmers, motors, parts, and other tools.