A MakerSpace is a place to make things.

What does it take to make? It depends..

But a good start would be, self-motivation. A community to support you, and access to tools and know-how is nice. Nothing however, is as essential as the commitment to creation.

It is far easier to destroy something deeply engaging, than to create it from scratch. With that in mind, we have a culture of support and knowledge sharing.

The facilities may change, and the equipment usually associated with a MakerSpace, is optional. What a MakerSpace is then, is the community, and the passion.

In the wild, MakerSpaces come in all forms. Some of full-blown manufacturing facilities, some are more like co-working locations, and others are light-weight resources for equipment or expertise.


MoCo Makers is for those with the intention to create. Creation, can be physical – and a makerspace is a good place to explore that. Creation can also be the learning, growth that comes with personal development. As such, no technical expertise is Ever assumed or required. What is required is an open-mind, and a willingness to help others. We are a community of DIY-types, entrepreneurs, and life-long learners. We aspire for a strong and informal community, and collaborate to share resources.

I look forward to you exploring your creativity.