Golden Thread Technology – Statement of Needs

Golden Thread Technology is developing a SAAS business to improve individual wellness and well-being everyday choices. The business model integrates each user’s unique genetic blueprint with data that includes nutrition inputs, daily activities, physical status, body measurements and other personal inputs. This includes specific outcomes and goals. For athletes, it is lowering injury risk, severity and recovery time. For overweight persons, it is the progress towards target weight.

I am interested in collaborators in two specific areas. One area is creating and implementing social media communications to build a community of people interested in this technology. This includes websites, email, blogs, video, podcasting, webinars, surveys, and audio. The second area involves technical development of an MVP/prototype that includes an initial backend data system and user interface (UX).

Compensation will for services will be paid in the earliest of investment capital or revenue. The compensation package will include equity in the form of stock options. Deferred cash payments will carry an interest rate as well.

My expertise and experience includes pioneer work in big data and deep learning analytics, human genetics research and delivery, biotechnology and business teaching at Johns Hopkins, and various consumer retail and wholesale businesses. More details are laid out at, and my email is

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